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There are two groups of OBADA participants; “Industry Stakeholders” who have an operational (day-to-day) role in the processing of used hardware, and “Ecosystem Stewards” who represent the broader interest of how the ecosystem affect the world’s environment and economy.


  • “The Network” - The OBADA “blockchain”
  • “The Ecosystem” - The community of interacting organizations with a vested interest in the managing the processing and disposal of used electronics.
  • “The Industry” Organizations in the ecosystem directly involved with the equipment.
  • “Ecosystem Stewards” Organizations without a direct role in the industry that have a vested interest (either financial, environmental, or regulatory) in the health of the network.
  • “Role” The function of a group or entity, from the perspective of the network.

Industry Stakeholders

Industry Stakeholders have a functional role in the network.


Registrars perform the permissioning and identity management function in the blockchain. They hold the “member lists”, validate user identities, manage user permissions, and create a layer of anonymity between users and their blockchain transactions.

  • Trade Associations
    • AscdiNatd
    • Electronics
    • ITAD Coalition
    • RLA
  • Commercial Membership Organizations
    • ERN
    • All the Trading Platforms, etc..
  • Certification Bodies
    • SERI


Existing industry organizations who create and enforce “rules”.

  • Compliance
    • ASCDI (anti-counterfeiting)
    • SERI (recycling)

Technology Providers

Technology companies that manage and host nodes, storage, infrastructure, and other blockchain related services, to physically run the network.

  • Blockchain Companies
    • Atlas City
    • Everledger
  • Other TBD

Application Software Providers

Application Software record proof of device events like “transfer, repair, data sanitize, and dispose” to the blockchain, as well as provide the asset management, financial, and supply chain tools for managing the devices. Application software is the gateway between users and the blockchain.

  • B2B
    • Brokerbin
    • TechBroker
    • TBS
    • Tradeloop
  • B2C
    • Backmarket
  • ERP
    • Inventory Management (by device)
      • Cloud Cover
      • USODY
      • IQ Reseller
      • Makor
      • Razor
    • Recycling Management Software (by weight)
      • none so far
  • Data Sanitization & Diagnostics
    • USODY
    • TechSpec
    • Eurosoft
    • PC-Doctor
  • Data Specialists (Data Enrichment & Data Analysis)
    • Apkudo
    • Clearstream Solutions
    • Informission
    • Incomm


The individuals in organizations that physically process equipment who interact with the blockchain through Application Software. Brokers, ITADs, Recyclers, Refurbishers, Resellers, many other groups

  • Dynamic Recyling/ITAD (uses Razor s/w)
  • Good Point Recyling (uses USODY s/w)
  • Olive Recycing (uses Softlinks s/w)
  • Omnisource
  • Technocycle
  • World Data

Ecosystem Stewards

Ecosystem Stewards have vested interest in the outcome of the actions of the industry, but no functional role in the network*

Environmental Organizations & NGO’s

  • City University of Hong Kong - Dr. Shauhrat Chopra - Sustainability
  • Fudan University (China) - Dr. Hao Hao - Sustainability
  • Rochester Institute of Technology - Michael Thurston - Sustainability
  • University of Buffalo - Sara Behdad - Sustainability
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) - contact?
  • University of Vermont - contact?
  • - Leandro Navarro
  • Free ICT Europe: Jan Hoogenstraat
  • NSF International - still include? Stacey Mack
  • - Gay Gordon-Byrne
  • SERI - Corey Dehmey
  • Everledger - Carrie George, VP Sustainability

Management / Advisory

  • Standards
    • John Greaves - ISO
    • Mark Schaffer - Knows Green - Consultancy
    • University of Reno - Dr. Ron Lembke - Supply Chain Management
    • Ken Jacobson - Standards
    • Management, Legal
    • Paul Mitzak - Attorney
    • Vincent Liu - Rhapsody - Venture Capital
    • Everledger - Scott Austin, Minerals & Materials
    • Open-Source Expert (missing)
  • Technical
    • Leandro Navarro, Professor UPC - Blockchain Architectures and Standards.
    • Manos - Ethereum Developer, PhD Candidate UPC
    • Andrii Tarykin - Full Stack Developer (Tech lead)
    • Luke Stets - Technical Architecture

FUTURE: Upstream Supply Chain Organizations

  • Cell Phone Carriers
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Retail Stores
  • etc..

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