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OBADA Nomenclature & Terms

The OBADA Standard is governed by OBADA * The public should probably hear more about OBITs than OBADA.

The OBIT is an NFT.

  • It’s“the product” that the standard enables. 

The OBIT must be stored on an “OBADA Compliant Blockchain

  • Technically, it’s aDID Registry,but they don’t need to know this.*

An OBIT is identified with an ID called the USN.    

  • The USN looks like “abcde123” Technically, theUSNis an ID based on a more technical version called theOBIT-DID.It looks like “OBIT-9b7ecc6eeb83abf9ade10fe38865df4499be3568dcc507ae2ec3b44989cb0093*”.   They don’t need to know this.

The OBIT address is the blockchain location where the NFT can be found.

  • It looks like did:obit:abcde123455  
  • the technical version: did:obada:obit:9b7ecc6eeb83abf9ade10fe38865df4499be3568dcc507ae2ec3b44989cb009

Reading the OBIT Address returns the “OBIT Report

  • When you check a Carfax, you get a “Carfax Report”
  • Technically, this is the*OBIT DID-Document. Again, they don’t need to know.

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