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The final system will be run and governed as a DAO.
* DAO Members will operate the “nodes” (the OBADA Full Core). * DAO Members will vote on all changes. 1 vote per member. Everyone is equal.
* DAO Members will be compensated by: * Setting their their own fee structures for all services, including basic “access to the blockchain” through their node. * Receive a share of the collected network fees (“gas” and “asset disposition service fees” * Receive “token rights” which is a share of all legally implemented token sales (see below). * “Ecosystem Rewards”, a cryptographic network incentive for any “token sales” (see below).


deals with the virtual world

* Established as a Wyoming DAO LLC
* Membership is  open to asset disposition sector organizations that stakes $5000 in OBD.
		* accredited/corporate investors only
* Voting Responsibilities  
	*  improvements and changes (via offline vote for now)
	* everything that can be decentralized and automated.
		* currently fees, rewards, etc. *** Become a DAO Member**

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