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The OBADA Foundation

* A 501c(6) nonprofit Foundation [incorporated in crypto-friendly Wyoming](  consisting of both primary and secondary stakeholders for the electronics recycling asset disposition ecosystem which acts as 
	* stewards of the OBADA standard
		* The early pre-decentralized effort to develop the standard is being run by the Foundation.
		* Decisions are ratified in monthly BOD meetings using a “general consensus” process.  Documentation of the decisions is being  posted to the Github  repository containing the standard.
	*  The interface for “real-world” compliance in the trade of the physical assets in asset disposition ecosystems.
	* As organizers of the project and to fund and coordinate the efforts of the Initial Development Team
	* To enable an SEC  compliant legal utility token to act as the network medium of exchnage
	* To enact an adoption plan for asset disposition ecosystems
* Your Action Plan
	* read the bylaws.  view BOD members.  See the meeting schedule.
	* [Gofund]( the Foundation effort.

The OBADA Foundation 501(c)6 Deals with the real world

* About
	*  a 501(c)6 nonprofit coalition in the asset disposition sector 
	* 11 BOD members industry appointed BOD members
* Responsibilities include:
	* industry relations and adoption
	* standard development
	* tokenization plan
	* emergencies
	* contractor budget
		* initial development team
		* onboarding tech support
		* network maintenance
	* Governance method:  Old school (offline via traditional BOD meetings per *** Gofund the foundation.   So we can afford a real website.**

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