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The OBADA Foundation

The OBADA Foundation is a 501(c)6 nonprofit coalition of stakeholders in the IT asset disposition (ITAD) sector. It’s traditional off-chain organization which primarily serves three functions:

  1. The foundation acts as the steward for the OBADA Standard, an open protocol describing the data models. The OBADA Foundation is working with ISO to develop this standard.

  2. The foundation deals with “real-world” issues such as lawyers, fiat, and the asset disposition industry.

  3. The foundation is chartered with developing the initial software and forming the OBADA DAO to run the decentralized software application.

Older —-

* A 501c(6) nonprofit Foundation [incorporated in crypto-friendly Wyoming](  consisting of both primary and secondary stakeholders for the electronics recycling asset disposition ecosystem which acts as 
	* stewards of the OBADA standard
		* The early pre-decentralized effort to develop the standard is being run by the Foundation.
		* Decisions are ratified in monthly BOD meetings using a “general consensus” process.  Documentation of the decisions is being  posted to the Github  repository containing the standard.
	*  The interface for “real-world” compliance in the trade of the physical assets in asset disposition ecosystems.
	* As organizers of the project and to fund and coordinate the efforts of the Initial Development Team
	* To enable an SEC  compliant legal utility token to act as the network medium of exchnage
	* To enact an adoption plan for asset disposition ecosystems
* Your Action Plan
	* read the bylaws.  view BOD members.  See the meeting schedule.
	* [Gofund]( the Foundation effort.

The OBADA Foundation 501(c)6 Deals with the real world

* About
	*  a 501(c)6 nonprofit coalition in the asset disposition sector 
	* 11 BOD members industry appointed BOD members
* Responsibilities include:
	* industry relations and adoption
	* standard development
	* tokenization plan
	* emergencies
	* contractor budget
		* initial development team
		* onboarding tech support
		* network maintenance
	* Governance method:  Old school (offline via traditional BOD meetings per *** Gofund the foundation.   So we can afford a real website.**

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